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Newcastle United Fans Forum - Official Minutes

nust logo smallNewcastle United have published the official meeting minutes of Monday’s inaugural Newcastle United Fans Forum of  which NUST are a permanent member.

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Newcastle United Fans Forum Report

nust logo smallBoard Member Peter Fanning attended as the NUST representative and this is his report.

So, the first meeting of the Fans Forum took place on Monday night, 23rd September at St. James' Park and it was an interesting meeting. It's the first time I've had the chance to sit down with two Directors of NUFC and question them about the accounts, transfer policy, the appointment of Joe Kinnear and the Wonga deal. Fair play to the Club representatives for being there and trying to answer questions from fan representatives as best they could.

Who was there?

The line up from NUFC included Lee Charnley (Club Secretary), John Irving (Finance Director), Wendy Taylor (Head of Media), Steve Storey (Head of Safety and Security), Stephen Tickle (Box Office Manager), Kate Bradley (Head of Newcastle United Foundation). It was chaired by Lee Marshall (Supporter Liaison Manager) and he was assisted in facilitating the meeting by Bob Moncur, Club Ambassador.
As well as the great and the good from the Club (no sign of the main man of course but nobody expected that!) two Wonga representatives were there to talk about their "partnership" with NUFC.
I won't list all of the fans representatives (14 of us) because you can go on the Club site and see pictures of all of us and the Club will also be posting the minutes of the meeting. This report is my perception and views of how the meeting went.

What did we ask about?

After some introductions we were invited to raise any questions we wanted to the two Directors. The following is a summary of some of what was covered:


Newcastle United – It’s Good To Talk

nust logo smallAfter a number of behind the scenes meetings with club officials, including relatively recently installed Fans' Liaison Officer Lee Marshall, NUST were happy to take up the offer of a permanent position on the NUFC Fans Forum due to be launched in September.

Newcastle United are launching the Forum with the stated aim of encouraging structured dialogue between fans and the club's senior management team, the forum consisting of 15 supporters and seven club and sponsor representatives.

NUST board member Peter Fanning will represent the Trust at the quarterly meetings while individual fans can apply directly for the twelve individual seats which represent different segments of the Magpies' diverse fan base.

The Trust are approaching the venture with an open mind and will be there on behalf of the hundreds of paid up members who have helped to make NUST the cornerstone of democratic representation amongst Newcastle supporters.

The club's management team will be represented by board members John Irving and Lee Charnley, and heads of department from safety and security, ticketing, media and the club's Foundation, as well as representatives from club sponsors,

Unlike many forums at other clubs, which are voted in by a panel or elected by fellow supporters on the strength of written applications, applicants to the new Fans Forum at Newcastle United will be required to select an individual seat for which they meet criteria (i.e. Milburn Stand representative must hold a valid season ticket in the Milburn Stand).

They will then be selected at random from all qualifying applicants, enablingevery Newcastle United supporter to stand a chance of being on the Forum.

All fans will be able to communicate with the representative who most closely represents their needs, as well as raising proposals for agenda items, via a revised Fans section on, which will be introduced shortly. Meeting minutes will subsequently be published online for all fans to read.

Peter Fanning of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, said: "One of the aims of NUST is to develop formal representation between supporters and the Club. The Trust is therefore happy to play an active part in the new Fans Forum. It is seen as a positive move and the Trust hopes it is the first step towards Newcastle United developing a meaningful and structured relationship with the fans."






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