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Newcastle United - Chaos, Confusion and the Sound of Silence

nust_logo_smallThis is the one time of the year when all football supporters should be able to dream that this could be their season, however unlikely that dream might be.

For Newcastle United fans recent months have been more of a nightmare, minimal net investment in players and key players in a war of words with the club hierarchy. As it stands now, we have lost last season's two top goalscorers and arguably the two most creative players in the current squad are almost certain to follow. Some of you may not be too impressed with Enrique and Barton washing the club's dirty linen in public but there can be no denying that the club have handled the situation badly, while exactly what the new signings make of this is anybody's guess.

It can only be a bad state of affairs when fans rely on this public war of words to gauge what is happening at the club.

What are NUST doing? Our recent survey of thousands of Newcastle fans made it quite clear that supporters wanted the club to communicate much better with the fans and it was strongly felt that the Trust should attempt to open lines of communication with the people running Newcastle United. The Trust board had actually already approached the club to try and start talking, despite being rebuffed we redoubled our efforts and pointed to the fact that thousands of the club's own customers (supporters!) were now telling us via the survey, that the best way forward was for the only democratic and organised fans' body (NUST) to talk with the club and try and work together for the benefit of everybody. Needless to say this honest and open approach was again rejected. Fans are in the dark and the lack of communication has created a void which leaves most of us fearing the worst in the coming season, supporters don't expect trophy signings but they do expect those inside the club doing everything they can to work with the people who care about the club and only want a healthy and successful Newcastle United.

As well as community initiatives such as 'Local Achievers' and working towards the launch of a Junior Trust, the Trust board continue to work behind the scenes to put plans in place that would give fans the best chance of owning a sizeable stake in Newcastle United if the chance ever presents itself. Many people including numerous highly qualified and experienced people are giving their time for free, if the chance ever presented itself we know it would be a massive undertaking for NUST to help organise the fans to own a stake and so preparations continue to be made.

If you aren't already a member of NUST please take a minute to consider joining us, every extra person makes a difference by adding their support to the cause of the fans of Newcastle United. Together we'll all one day help to create the Newcastle United we all dream of, JOIN HERE and help us take another step nearer to that day.

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